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Journalist and Reporter
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Dominic Carter is married to Marilyn Carter, and they have two children Courtney and Dominic jr.  Dominic Carter does all he can to help young people, he doesn’t want them to have arrested development as it relates to their future, or to have a suspended future. Political TV Newsman Dominic also strongly believes in “Each One, Teach One.” The former New York 1 Political Anchor, Dominic Carter travels the country speaking to NAACP branches, NAMI chapters, social service agencies, and on the topic of education.

Outside of political commentating and public speaking, Dominic Carter is the author of the book No Momma’s Boy. In his memoir, Dominic tells the story of his childhood growing up with a mentally ill mother who was a paranoid schizophrenic.

Dominic Carter’s Reporting Career

Dominic Carter is a TV Political Commentator for Verizon FiOS TV, and has been in the Journalism Business for over 25 years. As a journalist, Dominic Carter believes you are to treat people in the same way that you wish to be treated. Dominic Carter currently lives in New York and decided to go into the television business to be a “voice for the voiceless.” He also is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. Recently, he covered the 2016 presidential election. His 2008 interview with President-elect Donald Trump, in which Trump praised Hilary Clinton, went viral at the end of the campaign.

Dominic Carter got his Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism at Syracuse University. In addition, he received an honorary Ph.D degree from the City University of New York. He started his career in radio, field reporting for WLIB/WBLS then went onto TV reporting 6 years later. Dominic still appears on WABC radio today. He is also proud to be part of the annual “Inner Circle,” a charity organization of NY political reporters. He is also a part of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in the movie “Inside Man,” directed by Spike Lee.

Dominic Carter reported from 5am – 1pm while in the field. He covered topics including Howard Beach and Bernard Goetz. In addition, Dominic  traveled the country on the political campaign of Rev. Jesse Jackson. 

One of his most recent accomplishments is appearing on Wendy Williams. Instead of talking his usual politics issues, he was able to debate over pop culture with fellow guests. That’s not to say his passion for speaking politically hasn’t changed. Dominic Carter also appeared on the radio station radio appearance on AM 970, in the New York Tri-State area to discuss his prediction for Bloomberg in the elections.

Dominic’s political predictions have a pretty good track record. Dominic Carter predicted Bloomberg as a Republican would win the NYC race for Mayor in overwhelming Blue New York as a political novice when few gave him any chance at all. If your confused about his political affiliation Bloomberg has always been a Democrat at heart, but switched parties because it was easier for him to get elected Mayor running as a Republican.

Dominic Carter predicted President Trump would win the Presidency just days after announcing his candidacy. At that time, the Republican field was crowded with 16 candidates. But Dominic could see Trump resonating with voters in ways that no other candidate would, especially Hillary Clinton.

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