Opioids: Heroin was a much more Manageable Crisis

Prison: Is a reflection of those institutions that have Failed in American Society

A Friday afternoon on busy Bergen Ave in Jersey City, New Jersey. On either side of the street, all the businesses and store-fronts lined up right next to each other. Cars and City Buses moving non-stop along in both directions. Click here for the story Dominic Carter did on TV regarding this.

Nearby is Hudson County Community College. A Higher Education institution where it just seems their mandate is more about hope and opportunity than other colleges. Walking down Bergen Ave, on one corner is a 7-Eleven store. About a block away, one has to look carefully, but there is another institution of learning that is doing great work, helping first generational students. It’s titled the National Career Institute. (A Vocational & Technical School) You walk through a door. Take the elevator to the second floor, and it was there at the National Career Institute where I was meeting the former governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey.

Source: (1) Jim McGreevey Fights For The Forgotten Class | LinkedIn