For me, it was always been a much more pleasurable experience to give to someone else than to receive.

Giving can be a gift, quality time, your physical presence at an event to support someone else, or of course donating money for a good cause.

I believe we should all give to others, and to our communities.  All of us are blessed, even when we don’t know it or appreciate it.

Perhaps this is my philosophy because the  Police Athletic League in NYC, gave to me as a child when my family did not have anything.  Food, activities, kept me out of trouble, and even exposed me to television at the age of 10, having me appear as a contestant on the wildly successful children’s TV show at the time, Wonderama airing in NYC.

I still remember the closing song of the show, “kids are people too.”  The host was a man by the name of Bob McAllister.

The TV show took this child from poverty, with no father, and almost every obstacle one can think of, and put me on the program.

Is it a coincidence that years later, that TV News is what I would do for a living? I think not.

It is in the tradition of the PAL, and Wonderama, that I watch in total admiration, all the great programs for youth, at-risk youth throughout the country and in Canada.   And of course, also the professionals that help people.

One such program in New York is titled the Future Society of Mt. Vernon. It’s run by a tireless advocate for children, Larry Fair, who grew up in a group home himself. Mr. Fair epitomizes “Each One, Teach One,” and that one person can change the entire world.

I look forward to being the emcee for the Future Society’s annual fundraiser, which will be held Friday September 18th.

Friends please give to youth groups like the Future Society of Mt. Vernon’s and local organizations like it all across the country and Canada.

It’s more fun to give, than to receive.