Here is the long and short of Dominic Carter’s radio appearance on AM 970, in the New York Tri-State area. Dominic’s political predictions have a pretty good track record. Dominic Carter predicted Bloomberg as a Republican would win the NYC race for Mayor in overwhelming Blue New York as a political novice when few gave him any chance at all. If your confused about his political affiliation Bloomberg has always been a Democrat at heart, but switched parties because it was easier for him to get elected Mayor running as a Republican.

Dominic Carter predicted President Trump would win the Presidency just days after announcing his candidacy. At that time, the Republican field was crowded with 16 candidates. But Dominic could see Trump resonating with voters in ways that no other candidate would, especially Hillary Clinton.

Now Dominic Carter has a new bold prediction. Michael Bloomberg has not only a good shot at the nomination, but of becoming the next President of the United States. The normal push-back of a billionaire trying to buy an election….you can’t simply check that box with Bloomberg. It’s not that easy.