dominic CarterThe ISIS beheader has recently beheaded his third victim in 2 months. The first two victims that fell to the ISIS terrorist were American journalists James Foley and then Steven Sotloff shortly afterward. The victim was British aid worker David Haines. British officials have been working with the American government to try to identify the the ISIS individual since he had a strong British accent.

British Prime Minister David Cameron quickly assembled a meeting of top british national security advisors Sunday morning to discuss an appropriate form of action in order to see what can be done. According to British officials, Prime Minister David Cameron now knows the identity of the British ISIS executioner.

According to reports, ISIS also has at least two other American citizens as hostages. Additionally, it is said to be known that the executioner also holds hostages from other Western countries and it is also said the executioner is part of a larger group of British hostage-takers who work for ISIS. Prime Minister Cameron is also aware of the serious danger that the remaining hostages are in.

This poses a serious threat to British citizens as they have been more likely to travel to Syria to fight opposed to Americans who have volunteered to go. British citizens were about 25 times more likely to volunteer to fight than Americans were and the population of the United Kingdom is about a fifth to that of the United States.

The total number of Westerners who have fought in Syria lie between 2,620 and 2,870 according to the British office of Security. Despite knowing the identity and the name of the of the ISIS executioner, Prime Minister Cameron has decided not to make that information public for “operational reasons”. According to CNN, the British government plans on doing a rescue mission similar to that of the US Joint Special Operations Command which was mounted on July 4th, but wasn’t successful due to the hostages being moved.

The rescue mission is said to be a long shot, but it is one of the last hopes and it may be the only real chance of saving the lives of the remaining hostages. President Barack Obama is also aware of the mission and is expected to weigh in on the operation soon.

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