This home belongs to my friend of 30 years, John Williams, who volunteers as a youth basketball coach.  We have almost hit the gofundme goal. Click here if you can join those that have come to the aid of this extended family of 8 people.

Hi Everyone! We are writing on behalf of our dear friend and her family. On Thursday March 7th,  this loving family of 8 (including a 4 month old sweet boy) from the greater Atlanta area lost everything in a house fire.  We know they have a long road ahead of them on their journey to pick up the pieces of their lives. We are asking that if you able, please find it in your heart to help this beautiful family with a donation. We would be forever grateful.

Lauren & Keisha

***If you live in the Atlanta area, and are willing to give by donating toiletries, baby wipes, diapers, and formula please contact Lauren at 404-536-3396***Source: Fundraiser for Brionne Higgins by Keisha B Lauren-Ashley : Family Lost Home in a Fire