The midterm elections happened on November 4th and in an unexpected move (some would argue expected), the GOP took control of the senate. This in turn gave the GOP full control of congress as well as the power to fully impact Obama’s decisions for the final two years of his term. This overwhelming win undoubtedly ends the balance of power between the White House and Capitol Hill.

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According to the statistics, this election had one of the worst voter turnouts in history. The GOP enjoyed wins in states such as Colorado, Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, Arkansas, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The majority of those states previously held democratic seats prior to the election. Election night caused the GOP to have an overwhelming fifty two seats compared to the Democrats’ forty two seats in the US Senate. In the gubernatorial election the GOP won thirty one states with the democrats only winning seventeen states. GOP numbers stood strong when they managed to hold on to seats in both Kansas and Georgia.

Democrats weren’t completely out of the loop in the gubernatorial race as they beat out current republican Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania and held on to the gubernatorial seat in the state of New York with democrat Andrew Cuomo. The race in New York was tight as logistically Rob Astorino won the majority of the state, but Cuomo claimed the more densely populated areas such as New York City. Cuomo took the win with fifty four percent of the votes opposed to Astorino’s forty one percent.

However, as for the remainder of the country, the republicans pretty much took the wins, winning the majority of the states around the country. Two republican governors were re-elected which of course buzzed the rumor mill of who will be the republican prospect for the 2016 White House race. John Kasich won in the major swing state of Ohio with conservative republican Scott Walker winning in Wisconsin which has long been a blue state. In addition to the two potential presidential bids, Susana Martinez won in the state of New Mexico and she has long since been mentioned as a potential GOP vice presidential bid.

These wins put the republicans in a positive space for the 2016 White House bid. The next two years will be very crucial in whether or not the republicans flourish now that they have the controlling seat. They’ve been painted in a negative light through the duration of the current presidential stay, but it seems like they may be inching their way back into the polls of america. Only time will tell, and we’ll continue to keep watch and keep you updated.

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