While Trump was tweeting in real time during the Vice Presidential debate,  he should have been simultaneously taking notes on how to handle and participate in a debate.

Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence turned out to be a “textbook” case of how to be graceful under fire.

Pence didn’t get rattled, Pence didn’t get angry and Pence didn’t get thrown off his game.

Note to Mr. Trump. Pence didn’t have a tantrum in front of millions of undecided voters just days before an election. Pence smiled and handled inevitable attacks that are guaranteed to come in a debate, with dignity,  class, and a smile.

The top of the ticket is what matters, (what voters make their decision on) however the performance by Pence, should be an example to running mate Trump of how to handle Sunday and the final debate.

Trump, could after all be elected president of the United States.  Make the case. Stick to your game plan. Don’t fall directly into OPPONENTS hand.

Clinton’s running mate Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine was solid as well, but in the first 30 min, Kaine came off as too excited and too aggressive in the traditional role of the VP pick, and that is attack dog.

This is what I said on radio following the first presidential debate, and elsewhere.

Debates are always tricky. We will see what happens Sunday.