What’s a journalist without a few good podcasts to listen to? Sure, all journalists tune in for daily news, but what about the long commutes or treadmill runs? One might be surprised at the number of journalists tuning in and generous enough to share their favorite finds. This post will explore favorite podcasts journalists should listen to this year.


The Unmistakable Creative

The Unmistakable Creative is the podcast hosted by the magnificent Kristina Halvorson. It touches on a wide variety of topics, including design, business strategy, and even music. She’s smart, and she dives deep into her interviews. Her passion for interviews and curiosity shine through in everything she does. Every episode will give a journalist insights into themselves as well as their craft.


World Cafe

This is a weekly podcast that features musicians and journalists discussing their work and observations and the latest news in the music world. World Cafe is hosted by journalists and musicians rather than DJs and producers. The feature interviews are compelling, well-researched, and always fascinating. The entire show has a polished production that leaves every journalist wanting more.


The Moth

The Moth is a New York-based storytelling project with a mission to capture real people telling their own stories. The show airs live on their website and then weekly on National Public Radio. It is a great way to find new writers, learn more about popular events in the news, and hear amazing stories from normal folks such as your mailman. Some of the most interesting facts are not what the story is about but how it unfolds.


The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast

Sharyl Attkisson is a weekly podcast that is addictive and filled with information. Her first interviewee was a former president of the United States, George W. Bush, who seems quite interesting. He made his podcast debut as a way to share what he has learned over the years since leaving the White House.



The MHC is a podcast about the people who entered the world of journalism via the military. It’s hosted by Mike Pesca and features commentary from those that have served in every branch of the U.S Armed Forces. The hosts are a mix of journalists, writers, and media personalities that create an infectious air of camaraderie.


The podcast is becoming an increasingly important platform for journalists to share their voices and experiences with the world. Multiple podcasts focus on journalism, people in the field, and current events. The shows aim to help journalists improve their craft by learning from others in the field.