Seven Year Old E.J, his Grandmother, and Dominic Carter

Seven Year Old E.J, his Grandmother, and Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter had a Great, Great time delivering the FATHER’S DAY Message at Soundview Missionary Baptist Church in his home borough of the Bronx with Pastor Marjorie Baston, Also with Rev. James Geer.

Dominic thanks Soundview for the Father’s Day Cuff-links gift, and he thanks the NYPD for the Church security “spot check” to make sure all were safe. Those two very polite officers are a great credit to the NYPD.

In this photo, it’s Dominic, Dominic’s little man, seven year old E.J, and his grandmother that has stepped up to raise him.

Just like Dominic E.J, his grandmother and Aunt Inez raised him in the Bronx also. Anything is possible in Life E.J.

Like Dominic told the Church, Dominic can’t wait to bump into E.J. 11-12 years from now, and E.J. will explain to Dominic that he’s in college doing well.

We have GOT to turn this around. I asked all the father’s to stand up yesterday, and four women stood up.

That deeply touched my heart, because my Aunt Inez, when I would ask where was my father, would say to me, boy “so what. I’m your mother and your father.”

I am very proud of the women that stood up, yes, on Father’s Day.