Journalism is one of the respected and well-paying careers worldwide. The industry has created jobs for thousands of people and keeps on emerging with new opportunities every day. Also, it contributes to the economy of any nation with its funds and income. And yet, it is not an easy industry to go into. The industry is tough, and a few things make it even harder: Myths being one of them. Below are top myths of being a journalist:


Journalism is All Word and no Play

People assume that a journalist lives a tragic life and is all work and no play. Yes, the profession might be a little tough, but it doesn’t mean that there is no fun in it. In fact, journalists get to travel a lot and go to parties and other social events where they get to meet important people from different walks of life. One can have a lot of fun as a journalist; they need to know how to balance their work and personal life.


Journalism is a Dying Profession

This is one of the biggest myths about journalists. The profession is becoming more and more popular in recent times both in America and worldwide. Many people dream of becoming a journalist, so it’s not dying. This industry has evolved a lot, and many new advancements have been made. And the future of journalism also looks bright.


Journalists Twist Everything One Says

People think that journalists twist everything one says or try to change people’s words. Not true. The journalist’s job is not to twist the story but to get the right information to people by just reporting it correctly. Those concerned that their words might be misquoted need to learn how to handle an interview and teach themselves how to give perfect answers with no grammatical errors. Journalists follow a strict code of ethics and never misquote someone.


Social Media is a Necessary Tool To Be Successful

Another myth surrounding the journalism field is that one needs to have a strong social media profile. Social media is one of the most famous tools journalists use nowadays, but it isn’t necessary for becoming a good journalist. Many prominent and successful journalists out there do not use any forms of social media at all.