In a striking turn of events, Donald Trump receives a warm welcome in Harlem, signaling a potential wake-up call for Democrats. This is what Dan Bongino had to say, praising Dominic Carter.

Veteran journalist and commentator Dominic Carter, a familiar voice on 77 WABC Radio, breaks down this unexpected scenario. With decades of experience, Carter, who has been a staple in New York media, offers unparalleled insights into the city’s pulse and political shifts. In this segment, he starkly warns far-left politicians about the growing disenchantment among traditional Democratic strongholds, notably within African-American and Latino communities. As Trump ventures confidently into what many considered a Democratic bastion, Carter highlights the urgency for the Democratic Party to reevaluate its strategies or risk significant loss of support.

Dive deeper into this crucial conversation about voter sentiment, political strategies, and community responses with Dominic Carter on 77 WABC Radio, the voice of New York City. Don’t miss out on more sharp analyses—tune into Dominic’s show and follow the ongoing discussions that shape our city and nation. Dominic is on the air at WABC Radio in New York, weeknights at midnight. Sunday’s at 11 pm.

Dominic Carter also travels the country speaking on Children’s Issues.

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