I can admit when I was in my 20s I was much more adventurous. Even my 30’s. Willing to do just about anything.

Jump off a cliff. Skydive. You name it. Scuba Dive. I was in for it. I didn’t do those things, but I was all in. Now as I’m about to hit the age of 60, things have changed. Dare I say to be candid, I’m unwilling to do almost anything adventurous. But I call the fear common sense.

Common Sense that I know my body has changed and perhaps more importantly, my mentality has changed. Quite frankly I can’t do the things that I used to do. It is that simple! Like run fast and be really good at football. Those days are gone. I’m good at watching the NFL or college ball.

So one of the things on my mini bucket list is every time I pass a bridge, every time I drive over a bridge, for example, the old Tappan Zee Bridge now named the Mario Cuomo Bridge or the George Washington Bridge, I always look off to the immediate side and see people walking over the bridge.

I always think to myself for a moment as I’m driving over the Mario Cuomo bridge, that must be fun. That must be peaceful. To walk the bridge. People do it all the time…. so it must clear your head, and in the field of Journalism, we need all the head-clearing we can get.

So one day… October 25th, 2023, it just happened to be an uncharacteristically sunny day in New York and I had 45 minutes before I had to leave to attend the Marconi National Association of Broadcasters Awards at the Javits Center. (In midtown NYC) and in my line of work every minute counts.

I live in Rockland County, NY and the Mario Cuomo Bridge connects Rockland County and Westchester County, about 25 miles from the tip of the Bronx. My grown son and I, happen to be out and I said “Today is the day.” Dominic Jr. looked at me like I had three heads, but we drove to the Mario Cuomo bridge path.

There is a full entrance area, which I didn’t know about and it’s very nice. I said okay son let’s go and he said “Dad what are you talking about?” I responded: “Son let’s walk over the Mario Cuomo bridge… at least walk halfway.” So we got out of the car and started walking and it was exciting. I actually started singing the theme song from the movie “Rocky.” Feeling strong now and shadowboxing a little.

Next thing you know we were no longer above land on the bridge and were walking over water. It was cool. But I started sweating and breathing hard. That’s when I said okay son let’s turn around and go back and so that’s what we did.

I found it quite interesting to see some of the tidbits about the pathway on the Mario Cuomo Bridge. For example, the bridge path is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The approximate walk time is some 80 minutes. The approximate bike time is only 20 minutes. The total distance over water is three miles and the total path distance is 3.6 miles.

And of course, once you’re out there on the bridge, there is no public restroom. You’re on your own when it comes to Mother Nature, so time the walk perfectly.

It may not sound like much. But hey, It’s one item off the Dominic Carter “mini” Bucket list.