Many long-term careers require higher education, and journalism is no exception. Before you go to any school, be sure to complete your due diligence and research things that matter to you before you apply.


Undergraduate and Graduate Reputation

Something that might matter is how well-known your chosen school is for a particular major. For example, a school with education in the name such as the American College of Education might have a better reputation for certifying teachers than Southwestern Community College. For journalism, many different people recommend Northwestern University as a first choice for journalism. They have undergraduate and graduate degrees for journalists who want to continue their education.


Variety of Classes

Of course, getting a journalism degree indicates a focus on journalism and the requisite skills. However, getting a college degree should include a variety of experiences and courses that may seem to be unconnected to a certain major. For example, the University of Missouri – Columbia is a great school for creating diverse experiences with over 30 concentrations within journalism. This amount of variety can create a better writer and journalist because they can relate their experiences more broadly.


Long-Term Planning

Some students may be planning to go into journalism because they believe that it will provide stable employment. After all, journalism is an important part of everyday life that many people rely on to get information from. With this attitude in mind, an aspiring journalist might want to attend Boston University. This particular university is known for connecting hopeful journalists with contacts in the Boston Globe as well as other well-known news outlets. Another option is Syracuse University, which has a semester dedicated to sending students to Los Angeles to live and work.


Thinking about the next steps can be daunting, especially as a student trying to decide among hundreds of schools across the United States. Some students may choose to plan long-term and go into a major that creates many connections within their field. Some students may have a variety of classes and experiences that will allow them to diversify their interests.