The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County.  It’s the name of an organization that is well worth remembering.

This CAC, short for Child Advocacy Center,  is located in Wichita Kansas. They are one group of professionals that are saving the lives of children each and every day. Vulnerable child abuse victims, and victims of Child Sexual Abuse.  Helping not only the kids, but their families as well.

Dominic Carter was their keynote speaker at their 2022 “Heroes” Gala, but Dominic says these folks are the actual Heroes.

Dominic’s point is what these professionals do is a calling.  It’s in their DNA to help others.

This is what Dominic wrote in a blog post on

One by one these ladies arrived and were so unassuming and nice and kind. It’s hard to conceive but every day, they leave their own families to come take care and help Children in need. I so deeply admire what they do. I was one of the children that they help.

In my case, Children Advocacy Centers were not around in the 1970’s, but I am so grateful that they are today. I would never want another child to go through mentally what I had too.

Of course there is more to say.

Diana Schunn is the Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County, but that’s what made the gala on this night so very special. It was her first public event since being out for months on sick leave. She was there with her very proud husband who was extremely happy that his wife is on the road to recovery.

As I state in speeches across America, “we all fall down in life, the question is do you get back up.” Diana Schunn is back up and that is a win-win! Her commitment to helping children is off the charts. In Mrs. Schunn’s place, two amazing people stepped up to serve as co-Interim Executive Directors, Suzi Thien, and Jean Hogan.

The rock star of this organization is their development Manager Jessica Eck. I make a lot of decisions based on instincts, whether to do something or not, and me and Ms. Eck connected right away. About two weeks before this event, I was in Haines City Florida (Between Orlando and Tampa) giving another speech on a different topic.

Ms. Eck and I had a video conference call while I was in Orlando, and through my iPhone, I could see the enormous dedication she brings to her job.

You can click here to see some of the photos from the event.

Yes, Dominic Carter is a journalist/Reporter, but he is also a victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse.  You can order his remarkable book “No Momma’s Boy,” or his bobblehead doll by clicking here.

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