As Dominic Carter argued on his WABC Radio Show in New York, Children should not have to walk to school past Heroin Addicts, as is the case currently in Seattle Washington and other cities throughout the country.  As you can see by clicking here from this Facebook post, Dominic was very adamant about the subject considering the only man in his life, his grandfather was a heroin addict himself, but Dominic is very proud of the fact that his grandfather kicked his addiction in the latter years of his life. Dominic wrote about this in his highly acclaimed book, “No Momma’s Boy,” and as Dominic Carter declares in speeches around the country and Canada to Child Advocacy Centers:

“We all fall down in Life, the question is do you get back up.”

Dominic’s spirits were picked up a bit, when days later he got the opportunity to meet actress Vanessa Williams.

Dominic strongly believes in motivating young people.  Dominic Carter is speaking on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse in April 2023 in Oklahoma.